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India and Israel: The Holy Land for Start-ups?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Israel this week, in a path-breaking visit, the first by an Indian Prime Minister in history. While the visit has resulted in several positive advancements... Read more

By: Arvind Pujari.

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IIT Madras: Spearheading India’s Startup Fever

IIT Madras is one of the new-era educational establishments – one of those which, for a long time now, have never been shy of going that extra mile to nurture or stimulate an entrepreneurial... Read more

By: Pranav Bharghav.

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The rise (and rise) of the Bitcoin!

Bitcoins are increasingly in the news. If you were an unfortunate victim of a ransomware attack (like WannaCry, which hit computers worldwide two weeks ago), chances are you were asked to pay in bitcoin to regain your data. Bitcoins are also... Read more

By: Naomi Karyamsetty.

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Xiaomi’s India Chapter: An Exponential Rise

In 2014, Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer created a record of sorts when its first batch of Mi3 smartphones sold out merely in 38 minutes. Today, Xiaomi (roughly translates as “little rice”) is the world’s third largest... Read more

By: Siddarth Kapre.

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Brand Wars

The recent Twitter account activity of Wendy’s, a US based multi-billion dollar fast food chain, has been the object of an incredible amount of buzz on social networking sites everywhere. One would, perhaps, question the appropriateness of using the official account of... Read more

By: Nikhil Roul.

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Making Of Famous Logos

A Logo is an intricate visual that attaches an identity to a corporation. It is a powerful symbol that can shape the destiny of a company as swiftly as I type. It seems a hyperbole but interestingly it isn’t. People make almost instantaneous... Read more

By: K. Shivani.

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From Ramayan to AIB

The thoroughfare had stopped. As far as the sight ran, there was no trace of any human. The dust was rising and drifting away obliviously into the sunny afternoon under the lonesome trees only to be accompanied by the cattle... Read more

By: Rishabh K.

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The Falling Of a Giant – Yahoo!

On July 25 2016, Verizon announced its decision to acquire all of Yahoo!’s internet business worth $4.8 billion dollars. So how did this company, once synonymous to internet technologies and advertisements, go from glory to insignificance in less than a decade?... Read more

By: Anay M. Shembekar.

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From Rags to Riches #2: Ather Energy

You have to have come from under a stone if you have not heard of Ather Energy. For all the startup buffs in India, Ather has become India’s, Tesla. Well, why not? They are building electric run vehicles... Read more

By: Pranav Bhargav.

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Paving The Future: HYPERLOOP

When we first heard about Hyperloop, it seemed to be something pulled right out of The Star Trek series. So unreal and futuristic is the idea that one cannot easily wrap their minds around the possible existence of such a technology. Imagine... Read more

By: Anay M. Shembekar.

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