The Pitching Milestone

Pitchfest'17 brings to you a golden opportunity to impress an elite panel of investors and executives with your innovative start-up ideas, and bag a handsome funding from them.

Who is it for?

The competition has two different verticals catering to start-ups in the following phases-

(Start-ups under both categories will be judged by separate independent panels.)

  1. Young start-ups struggling with initial funds- usually student start-ups from educational institutes who might be looking for mentoring , incubation and small funding.
  2. Operational start-ups – Start-ups which have started operations (even if at a basic level), which are looking for funding. Start-ups which have already been incubated can also apply under this category.

Note that start-ups applying under both categories should be well past the Ideation stage.

What is at stake?