The Event

We are organizing IDP CHALLENGE 2017 in association with TVS Logistics Services. This event is for all those enthusiasts who believe in innovation and are looking forward to solving some real- world challenges faced by industries faced by industries through their ideas.


Industry Defined Problem (IDP) is an event in which participants are expected to present elegant solutions to problem posed by the invited company. It is a perfect platform to exhibit the ‘problem- solver’ inside you, where you have to show your technical and managerial skills innovatively.

The basic purpose of this event is to expose participants to the current Industrial challenges, they will be solving Industrial problems (TVS Logistic Services) presented by TVS in various technical and business domains.

What is the Structure?

  • Your journey of this 20 days’ event would start from 27th September. Participants need to form a team of 3 people and get it registered here.
  • The event will have two rounds. First round will start off as soon as the problem statement is released on 27th September, in which teams are expected to submit their solution before 30th September.
  • Second round will start from 3rd October, where Business Mentoring by TVS experts and a Field Visit to TVS, for sorted teams is planned.
  • On 13th October participating teams need to pitch and represent their solution in front of TVS panelist.

Top 3 teams will be awarded cash prizes and will be given internship offers by TVS Logistics!

In the orientation TVS experts will release their problem statement. Participants can register individually and form teams over a networking tea.


27th September, 5:30 pm


Middle Earth, SAC

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  • Problem Statements are categorized under several domains and given a CODE.
  • This CODE, you will write as an answer to ‘Problem Statement’ in the Executive Summary Template. For example, if your ‘Problem Statement Code’ is B2, just write B2 as the answer.
  • Participants have to choose one problem from any one of the domains only.
  • Participants are expected to come up with an elegant solution to the selected ONE problem and draft an executive summary for the first round.
  • The executive summary has to be submitted in a PDF format only and that should be a ONE-page document.
  • The font size must be 10.
  • The deadline for submission of the executive summary is 30th September and the file must be sent on events_ecell@smail.
  • The executive summary filename must be of the following format: TeamName_PSCode _ExecutiveSummary.

  • A1: How can effective technology usage be used to optimize operations within the warehouse.
  • A2: Inventory accuracy is a challenge in Pareto warehouses, giving rise to Debit treats. How can this issue be resolved?
  • A3: Traceability of items in warehouses - Order fulfilment & manpower utilization issues arise, owing to poor inventory traceability. Mention a way to tackle this problem.

  • B1: How can Online Payment solutions and ePOD (electronic proof of Delivery) enable transparency and reduce revenue leakages?
  • B2: Returnable assets management - One of the reason for slower deployment of Returnable packing is the high cost of return logistics of empty containers/ pallets (in the absence of confirmed return loads or rigorous return commitment) that gets loaded to TCO. How can this issue be resolved?
  • B3: Health and Safety is a major focus area for TVS LSL. How can technology be used to monitor the Health and Safety within the warehouse like measure employee fatigueless, MHE movements, maintenance etc.
  • B4: Accuracy of vehicle tracking is an on-going issue for LSL contract vehicles. We need to capture real-time and multiple data points like speed etc. from multiple service providers. For market vehicles, no data is being captured effectively today. Suggest a solution to track vehicles accurately and feasibly.

  • C1: How to optimize the manpower required for Data entry at warehouses, hubs and transportation and ensure transaction compliance?
  • C2: At hubs can the CL manpower be reduced by deploying alternate ways, with focus area being handling of non-palletized boxes?
  • C3: How to proactively identify and reduce cost leakages like overtime, debits and budget deviations across business verticals?

  • D1: In a year, 5000 employees are recruited. Mention a way to reduce the overall cost and/ or increase the speed of induction.
  • D2: Mention ways by which productivity of blue collared staff can be measured.

  • E1: How can we use social media to tap new customers?
  • E2: How can the latest technology help in finance and procurement areas?


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Varun Goyal, Events Head: +91-9940119801

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